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How to become a famous artist

Shortcuts: How to become a famous artist
POSTED: 1249 GMT (2049 HKT), November 13, 2006
By Jackie Dent for CNN

Being a famous artists can't be that difficult, right? Right! Here are few tips to help you find your inner Van Gogh.

Painting, sculpture, design -- how do I chose? For the past 40 years, every five years or so, someone has declared: "Painting is not dead". The challenge is deciding what sort of paint to use. Watercolors -- "the middle-aged ladies' stuff" -- are the toughest medium to work with and the least sought-after, while acrylics are looked down upon. Best stick to oils -- they are more subtle and if you screw up, you can easily paint over what you've done.

But I can't even draw, let alone paint. No sweat. We are living in the post-modern age, where the idea is king. The artist-as-a-skilled-person concept is passe. Haven't you noticed the way mass media reports are constantly complaining that works that win international art prizes could have been done by a five-year-old? All you really need is to find a commentator on society who will preferably make ironic statements about pop culture icons. Please refer to Jeff Koons' sculpture of Michael Jackson and Bubbles.

Perhaps I could learn how to do it ... should I go to art school? Definitely. It's a great place to begin your life of networking, as well as forming an artistic gang in which you can do crazy things. Try the Art Institute of Chicago in the U.S., Goldsmiths in the UK or the Ecole des Beaux Arts in France. To really get out there, head to the Tasmanian School of Art in Australia.

I suppose it's all about who you know? Yes. Get in the face of Larry Gagosian "GoGo" in New York and Jay Jopling in London, two of the hottest contemporary art dealers in the world. Gagosian, who topped a list of the world's most 100 powerful art world figures in 2004, represents the like of Jeff Koons and his Michael Jackson and Bubbles work, and the estate of Andy Warhol.

Jopling, who started off selling fire extinguishers, is the father of the Young British Art movement and gave birth to the careers of Damien Hirst (stuffed shark in tanks) and Tracey Emin (tent embroidered with the names of chaps she slept with). If you can't reach GoGo or Jay, head to the Frieze Art Fair in London, which is now considered the world's biggest hang out for contemporary art dealers.

Should I cut off my ear, or at least suffer? Debatable. Some wealthy collectors like an artist who has been miserable and smelt of turpentine for the past 20 years. A "struggling" track record could include: early childhood poverty, "Flashdance"-like acceptance into art school, drinks, working part time as an art lecturer, getting into a group show, drinks, scoring a dealer, drinks, showing over 10 years with gradual shift in style each time, all the whilst clothes must be covered in paint and glasses must be black-rimmed.

How do I find a suitable role model? Art movies always seem a little awkward -- just watch Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh in the very dated film Lust for Life -- but they can provide useful visualization of the "artistic suffering" you should experience. Try Frida to learn about the troubled life of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo or the 1952 version of Moulin Rouge for a portrait of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. I Shot Andy Warhol is also good to get a grip on Andy Warhol's hair and ... shooting

Where should I live to get noticed? London. New York, like, died in the mid-90s.


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DUBISM 11:29

"Just because you got a ride to the party dosen't mean you deserve to be there."

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This is a Dwell House in NC and it is also a prefab home. Now I'm from North Carolina and the pre fabs didn't look anything like this when I was growing up. Matter of fact after doing a tad bit of research on pre fabs I learned they can range from 90k to a cool million. Maybe I’m being a bit thrifty but a million dollars for a modular home is crazy. Even if it was made of the lunar space module a million bucks is nuts. But a dope design is a dope no matter the price tag and this hot home was done by architect Joel Turke. "The dwell house is a 5000 square foot, light-filled modern structure on a 13-acre lot in Hillsborough, North Carolina. The home has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and a kitchen/dining/living area with adjoining decks on the main level, family room and office. It includes unique design elements such as a secret loft above the Master Bedroom, a special screened deck off of the main level living room and large windows that show off the beautiful forest-like setting surrounding the home. "

To learn more visit THE DWELL HOUSE. Well I'm off to the bank to get my million dollar modular mortgage, I will let ya know that works out.

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Over the last year I have painted on so many wall I should start a new side business. After gallons and gallons of paint with warm and touching names like "crackling leaf" and "liquorish" I came across a site, in a magazine, where you can get custom wallpaper made to add some heat to the the gallery white walls at ya crib. Pay attention artists this may not be a bad idea to have your own design on the wall to display your work at your next show.

Let me know what ya think.


JACKSON MS. was the 3rd stop on our AB+L tour and it was off the chaaaaaaaain!!! The people in Jackson were so down to earth and really showed us love. The turn out was 1100 and even the vice mayor was on the dance floor. At the show we got to meet up with more of the cool Jack Daniels higher ups and we all enjoyed the art of some Jack Town's hottest visual artist and well as the work of the AB+L fam. We are hitting ST LOUIS IN NOV. If you haven't seen the show we have 4 more cities to go....for now. If you want to be part of the movement holla at us.
Make art, make music, make friends and make history ART BEATS + LYRICS!


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This is a new joint that im working on. Its part of a series of sketches and drawings for a future show.

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They are back!!! Sticker variety pack for $10. The last set went pretty fast so get them while they are in stock. Each sticker is printed on full color indoor/outdoor bumper sticker stock.
Click here to get a set (or two)


OK if you're like me a self proclaimed seeker of all things funky, you must go to the STAX MUSEUM in Memphis. "From the award-winning introductory documentary film to an authentic 100-year-old Mississippi Delta church that explains the gospel roots of soul music, the Stax Museum of American Soul Music winds and twists through a labyrinth of exhibits that promote and preserve the legacy of American soul music and its contributions internationally, highlighting musical giants such as Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, the Staple Singers, the Bar-Kays, Booker T. & the MGs, Johnnie Taylor, Little Milton, Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Ike & Tina Turner, and hundreds of others.

Now the layout was dooooope! They had original outfits from Ike and Tina, a hot exhibit in the gallergy on Otis Redding and to me the wildest thing in there was Isaac Hayes' restored, peacock-blue 1972 Superfly Cadillac El Dorado complete with television, white fur interior, refrigerator, and gold (that mean everywhere) trim. For $10 you get to experience the history raw soul that only Stax could deliver.

Things to get up on.

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These are the sho nuff truth!!! I have 2 pairs and when I first put them on it felt like my feet were smiling. The cool thing is you can add laces. Only draw back is the white part has a paint on it that may peel a bit but nothing to major. At $35 cop em & rock em.

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Grandfather Sketch

Tribute to a Legend

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AB+L in Atlanta was a hit. The art was outrageously dope and the crowd came out to support. Artists made new fans, fans made new friends and friends got down to the essence of hip hop culture . As co-producer and artist I have to thank Jabari Graham the founding father of AB+L, the team at Images USA, Sax and Jen Farris, the folks at Jack Daniels, the super talented artist and musicians as well as all the people who came out to be part of the art movement known as AB+L.

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Aeropostale T-Shirt Sketch

Here is a drawing I knocked of for a shirt design

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DUBISM 8:24 (Quotes to aid in Converting The Wack)

"The best time to make money is when you don't need it"

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DUBISM 8:23 (Quotes to aid in Converting The Wack)

"The only thing that separates being a player and being played out is time."

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DUBISM 8:22 (Quotes to aid in Converting The Wack)

"Never be jealous of a dude who wins a prize you didn't want in a game you don't play"


Recently I was asked to participate in an artshow in the Philippines by the HEAVY HITTERZ. "The opening was off the hook, the gallery and block party were jam packed with folks. MTV Philippines, MYX music channel, and local publications were out to cover the event. I thought I'd share some photos of the event " stated James Garcia the shows curator and cool art dude.

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to do an art tour in Germany. 48 hours after the AB+L show in Charlotte I was dropped off at the airport, passport in hand, ready for the 8-9 hour flight to Germany, so I thought. Due to slight drizzle (not a torrential down pour) flights were delayed causing hundreds of people to miss connecting flights to destinations around the world. Customer service lines filled with the bewildered to the bellicose and we all stood in awe at the sloth like speed in which the Continental Airline help desk staff moved. After an hour in line, or the full length of a video on my IPOD, the desk staffer gave me the "you are next" hand wave that I so wanted then to only turn it into a hand of halt as she helped someone else, back to watching my video. To make a long story short my 8 hour trip across the pond turned into a 24 hour odyssey with layovers in 2 different countries.... and they lost my bags. One good thing about layovers is the people you get to chat with. I meet 2 black female rocket scientists and when I asked how it feels to always be the smartest person in a room one laughed and said "You get use to it".

Once in Germany we (Fabian the Occasional Superstar and DJ Jamad) hit up 4 shows in 5 cities over the course 7 days while rolling at 100+ mph on the autobahn. The promoters that brought us there took great care of us and before the show in Frankfurt we had a chance to meet up with our family and friends. We met allot of really cool down to earth people who share their take on American politics, culture and the popularity of German gangster rap.

You can learn allot about a man while traveling in a van in a foreign land. For instance DJ Jamad has an insatiable appetite for ice cream and Fabian has little tolerance for DJ Jamad's insatiable appetite for ice cream. "Grown ass men ain't got no bidness lickin' on ice cream and reading GQ magazines. It just ain't right. That's in the bible" proclaimed Fabian in response to Jamad’s lactose lovin’ lifestyle. I even learned that my often radio announcer sounding voice sound completely crazy to people who speak English as a 3rd language.

We showed art, spun dope music, avoided a fight in a Turkish restaurant, blew the fuses in Berlin hotel, c-walked in Frankfurt, all while learning just enough German to make us sound like ignorant Americans….the trip was off the chain.

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In celebration of their 40th issue, they offered all of their previous featured artists the opportunity to have a promotional piece added to their Wallpapers section ( Format's wallpapers section, launched in late 2007, has received over 300,000 downloads thus far.

Format Magazine is your source for the most current and compelling information relating to the urban aesthetic. In addition to bringing you up to date daily on the most recent news in art, fashion, music, and more, Format Magazine is published online in its entirety every second Sunday evening.

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We live in a time where the term "race card" is tossed around by the media with seeming reckless abandon. Many politician and talking heads alike use race and racism for personal gain or to advance an agenda while leaving the real everyday racism unattended and free to fuck with you at work. Finally we have a race card that every day people can play thanks to close friend and racial referee Fabian the Occasional Superstar.

Here is how it works:

Step One

Approach the offending party and reveal the Occasional Superstar RaceCard ThrowCard.

Step Two
Award the recipient a RaceCard by raising the card into plain view, illustrated side out, and flinging it down in front of them. For added effect in office environment, place RaceCard gently in pocket of suspected offender.

Step Three
Briefly explain why the person has received a RaceCard and encourage them to think about what they did.

Step Four
Turn and walk away.

Click here for the Race Cards


This piece was feature in Alicia's new video and now you can get it in 11in x 17in while supplies last.
Classic Example 11in x 17in $10.00

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New Creative Loafing cover by Dub

This is the cover art for a special edition of Creative Loafing featuring Art, Beats + Lyrics in Charlotte Friday, April 25th.

Dubelyoo's Mural at 22 Squared

This mural was 52ft long, 12ft high, on a curved wall, and in a narrow hallway. This project couldn't have been done without the assistance of legendary artist Gilbert Young. Special thanks to The Adrian Franks and all the staff at 22 Squared.

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Nude Study