Monday, May 26, 2008


We live in a time where the term "race card" is tossed around by the media with seeming reckless abandon. Many politician and talking heads alike use race and racism for personal gain or to advance an agenda while leaving the real everyday racism unattended and free to fuck with you at work. Finally we have a race card that every day people can play thanks to close friend and racial referee Fabian the Occasional Superstar.

Here is how it works:

Step One

Approach the offending party and reveal the Occasional Superstar RaceCard ThrowCard.

Step Two
Award the recipient a RaceCard by raising the card into plain view, illustrated side out, and flinging it down in front of them. For added effect in office environment, place RaceCard gently in pocket of suspected offender.

Step Three
Briefly explain why the person has received a RaceCard and encourage them to think about what they did.

Step Four
Turn and walk away.

Click here for the Race Cards

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Goldi gold said...

i saw the youtube. That oldlady wasn't happy about that joint hahahaha