Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is a Dwell House in NC and it is also a prefab home. Now I'm from North Carolina and the pre fabs didn't look anything like this when I was growing up. Matter of fact after doing a tad bit of research on pre fabs I learned they can range from 90k to a cool million. Maybe I’m being a bit thrifty but a million dollars for a modular home is crazy. Even if it was made of the lunar space module a million bucks is nuts. But a dope design is a dope no matter the price tag and this hot home was done by architect Joel Turke. "The dwell house is a 5000 square foot, light-filled modern structure on a 13-acre lot in Hillsborough, North Carolina. The home has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and a kitchen/dining/living area with adjoining decks on the main level, family room and office. It includes unique design elements such as a secret loft above the Master Bedroom, a special screened deck off of the main level living room and large windows that show off the beautiful forest-like setting surrounding the home. "

To learn more visit THE DWELL HOUSE. Well I'm off to the bank to get my million dollar modular mortgage, I will let ya know that works out.


Goldi gold said...

that joint looks like a fly tree house

Dusty said...

damn, that is one fine modular.

Like you, I had no idea they were so spacious and down right...beeyouteefull.